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PostalCAD Plant Layout

The goal of this course is to provide students with tools to design and lay out a Postal facility. The program addresses the specific needs of Postal employees designing and documenting mail-processing plants with the tools available in Autodesk Map 3D 2020 and PostalCAD 2020. The instructor provides real world working examples and methods to professionally design or document a plant layout. Students then explore the material and investigate the new techniques as a group, or at their own pace. This hands-on course will take students through the process of basic plant layout and design by mastering the following application areas.


Five-Day Course Featuring:

  • Installing and Launching PostalCAD 2020

  • Exploring PostalCAD tools for annotations, blocks, viewing, editing, layering, settings, and annotation objects

  • Architectural features (column grid, walls, doors, and windows)

  • AS-504 overview

  • Workroom equipment layouts

  • Space Management and reporting

  • Furniture and equipment placement

  • Fire evacuation and CTC handouts

  • LMP layout and signage

  • Conveyor design and reporting

  • Diagramming work flows

  • Transport work visualizations and reporting

  • 2D to 3D drawing conversion

  • Printing and plotting facility layouts


Maximum Enrollment: 9 students

Course Number: (53201-38)

Course Prerequisite(s): 
Introduction to PostalCAD (53201-39 ) or AutoCAD Fundamentals (53201-23)

This course is a required prerequisite for: 
PostalCAD Standardization

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