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Welcome to the PostalCAD Home Page


NEOSYS Corporation, in conjunction with the United States Postal Service, has released PostalCAD 2020, the software application designed specifically for postal facility layout, design, analysis and documentation.

As a US Postal Service contractor and an Autodesk authorized developer, NEOSYS develops the PostalCAD program and provides support services for Postal users nationwide.

The Network Operations Engineering Division of the USPS makes this software available to qualified Postal personnel.

PostalCAD 2020 features a revised interface integrating directly into the AutoCAD Map 3D 2020 workspace. This exciting layout streamlines your work process and makes it easier for you to create, document, and analyze your projects.

NOTE: PostalCAD 2020 uses the 2013 file format - the standard drawing file format used throughout the US Postal Service.

The Ribbon format for PostalCAD 2020 is visually compatible with Microsoft Office application interfaces. Tools and utilities are organized into heading tabs with sub-panels of tools inside each tab.

Legacy commands and tools remain active. Familiar keyboard shortcuts are still valid, making the transition as smooth as possible. 

The most important step in using PostalCAD 2020 is understanding the new Ribbon layout. Once mastered, your workflow time is reduced and you will become more productive.

PostalCAD 2020 features more tools and utilities

than ever before. The new Library Manager 

makes working with equipment blocks a simple

double-click exercise. Many other commands have

been added, making standardized entity creation

a breeze. Additionally, advanced analysis tools are

streamlined and enhanced with more real-world


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