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PostalCAD Standardization

The intent of this course is to allow experienced USPS PostalCAD students the opportunity to modify their existing workroom floor drawings to achieve PostalCAD standardization by learning the proper cleanup procedures.

Students are required to bring the current version of their facility drawings to work on during the class. File settings, layers, equipment blocks, and graphic elements of the student’s drawings will be updated using Autodesk Map 3D 2020 and PostalCAD 2020 tools and techniques.

Class format is a combined lecture and lab where students review concepts and tools at the beginning of the session and then apply those concepts directly to their facility drawings. In addition to the group sessions during the class, time will be allowed each day for the instructor to work with students individually to assist with their drawing cleanup.


Five-Day Course Featuring:

  • PostalCAD standardization concepts

  • Overview of file settings and variables

  • Use of PostalCAD cleanup tools

  • Layer standardization guidelines

  • Equipment block guidelines and listings

  • Modifying and updating equipment layout and definitions

  • Space management concepts, applications, and preparations

  • Tagging space management boundaries

  • Discussion and application of civil elements

  • Use of formal documentation graphic elements and their application

  • Archiving and facility upload process


Maximum Enrollment: 9 students

Course Number: (53201-34)

Course Prerequisite(s): 
PostalCAD Plant Layout (53201-38) or Introduction to PostalCAD (53201-39)

See our Course Matrix for course prerequisites, 

or for determining which course best suits your experience level.

See our Calendar page for a posting of available class dates and times.

Learn about course sign-up procedures on our Registration page.


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