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PostalCAD 2020 New Features

This course covers all the features in the new PostalCAD 2020 release that were not available in PostalCAD 2015. Students are introduced to the new interface and then work through a series of exercises to gain experience in the new tools. Topics range from everyday drafting tools to advanced 3D modeling and transport work visualizations.


This hands-on course will take students through the following application areas:


Two-Day Course Featuring:

  • Installing and launching PostalCAD 2020

  • Loading PostalCAD 2020 2D and 3D workspaces

  • Importing pdf files as AutoCAD objects

  • Visibility, transferring and formatting of textual objects

  • Applying new ways of measuring and dimensioning 

  • Creating, inserting and making blocks unique

  • Properties, accounting and modifying existing blocks

  • Revised Library Manager overview and use

  • Introduction to basic 3D modeling tools

  • Converting an entire workroom from 2D to 3D

  • Evaluating drawings for non-standardized entities

  • Adding space keys and highlighting with color to emphasize objects and areas

  • Transport Work reporting, analysis and visualizations

  • Getting files ready for Simio Importing


Maximum Enrollment: 9 students

Course Prerequisite(s):  

Introduction to PostalCAD (53201-39)

PostalCAD Plant Layout (53201-38)


See our Course Matrix for course prerequisites, 

or for determining which course best suits your experience level.

See our Calendar page for a posting of available class dates and times.

Learn about course sign-up procedures on our Registration page.

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