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Welcome to the PostalCAD Online Training Page


Online courses are taught through Zoom meetings with live video feeds of our instructors and their computer screens.

Four six-hour days cover the training material, emailed to each student before class begins. Each morning and afternoon training session has several breaks. An hour lunch break will divide the morning and afternoon sessions.

We Offer the Following Online Courses:

*NEW* PostalCAD 2020 New Features


Introduction to PostalCAD (53201-39)

PostalCAD Plant Layout (53201-38)

*NEW* PostalCAD Refresh

PostalCAD Standardization (53201-34)

Individual Mentoring Sessions



See our Course Matrix for course prerequisites, 

or for determining which course best suits your experience level.

See our Calendar page for a posting of available class dates and times.

Learn about course sign-up procedures on our Registration page.

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